Comes with 30-32 pcs of pineapple tarts.Est weight: 660g More details about our PINEAPPLE TART: ELDERFLOWER PINEAPPLE:Our buttery pineapple crust is infused  with grounded fruity- floral elderflower tea powder. A well received flavour last year, and we are going to repeat it this year.  The fragrant is light and delightfully flavourful, giving the citrus note of the pineapple filling a beautiful balance. Not too heavy, and can be addictive!  CHRYSANTHEMUM PINEAPPLE:The light white tea base adds a beautiful fragrance, giving the tarty pineapple filling a great balance. The sweet and soft scent of the chrysanthemum gives a natural honey flavour to the pineapple tart.  Design:Our sticker label is inspired by the colourful patterns of batik cloths. This artwork is painted digitally.  For bulk orders, kindly email to SHELVE LIFE: 3-4 weeks CNY GOODIES collection from 18th Jan onwards