1. JAPANESE WHITE PEACH & FIG (est. 22-24pcs)A buttercookie base infused with japanese white peach tea leaves & cornflower. Dried figs and citrus peel are folded in to give the cookie flavour and texture. * DO NOT CONTAIN NUTS*


2. COCONUT MACAROONS (est. 14-16 pcs)This light toasted shredded coconut flakes is a beautiful treat to go with tea or coffee. Rose petals & pounded white peach loose tea leaves are added to give the cookie a subtle floral note. * DO NOT CONTAIN NUTS*


3. MANDARINE ORANGE & MACADAMIA (est. 22 -24pcs)A buttercookie base infused with fresh mandarine orange zest and mixed with toasted macadamia and dried cranberries.


4. MATCHA & BLACK SESAME (est. 28 - 30pcs)*Our best seller every year! Our matcha & black sesame cookies are made from finely grounded japanese green tea powder. We added toasted rice crisp and black sesame to elevate the earthly notes of the matcha cookies. * DO NOT CONTAIN NUTS*


Design:Our sticker label is inspired by the colourful patterns of batik cloths. This artwork is painted digitally.CNY GOODIES collection from 18th Jan onwards