This box comes with

1. 3 mini jars of honey from Estonia (wild honey, strawberry and wild berries. Comes with crate as seen in image)

2. two bags of cookies (20-22 pcs)

3. A container of pineapple tarts (15-16pcs)

4. Botanical floral loose tea + 3 empty tea bags

5. Greeting Card


More details about our PINEAPPLE TART:

Infusing elderflower,our signature floral tea flavour into our buttery pineapple crust is one of our exciting experiment. The fragrant is light and delightfully flavorful, giving the citrus note of the pineapple filling a beautiful balance. Not too heavy, and can be addictive!


Cheese & Pistachio Pineapple Tart is a product collaboration with Nordic Nature Singapore, that imports products from Finland and Estonia. We are using a 12-month old gouda cheese from Estonia (Andre Prima Old).


Prima Old is a buttery and chunky cheese with "crystal cheese bits" that form naturally through a period of maturation. Like all our well-aged cheese, the creamy texture of our milk is clear and pronounce in every bite. Excellent by itself or grated generously into your favourite toast.


More products from Nordic Nature, kindly visit



More about our cookies:

No preservatives are used in our ingredients.


For healthier or diabetic friendly option, we recommend our brownie and dates flavour. Contains dates & coconut sugar as sweetener. Matcha and Brownie & Dates cookies contain no milk & eggs. **Only our salted egg & spicy anchovies has egg content, no milk content



*Optional if you wish to add on a bottle of Rabarbra: Rhubarb Sparkling Wine from Nordic Nature Singapore. Rabarbra: Rhubarb Sparkling Wine ($43)

Handcrafted in Estonia | 8% vol | 750ml


Fresh and nicely balanced sparkling wine made purely by fermenting cold pressed rhubarb juice. No concentrates nor artificial flavours or aromas. Rabarbra's light palate and moderate alcohol consistency makes it just too easy to drink. Be careful! And the humble notes of rhubarb along with the perfect balance of acidity and residual sugars have won accolades from sommeliers to grandmas ;)


* Complimentary service to write message on card. Please indicate message upon check out under "Note to Seller". This hamper is packed in our custom design oriental box. Please refer image for reference.