**CHRISTMAS EDITION DECORATION* AVAILABLE THIS THURSDAY AND FRIDAY 23rd & 24th Dec. Our glass floral tart has made a come back, and they will be ushering our new LIVE LOVE box design! This tart is layered with our handmade hazelnut crunch paste, covered with a scoop of melted caramel together with a sprinkle of himalayan salt. The filling is nicely secured with a spread of bitter-sweet dark chocolate truffle. Here's where the artwork kicks in. Our artist paints over white chocolate and arrange violas and other edible blooms before sealing them with a layer of our own made edible glass-jelly, and the process is repeated until the artwork is completed. This tart measures ~6” in circumference, feeds 5-6 pax. WHAT YOU NEED TO TAKE NOTE OF:1. The beauty of the tart is best appreciated within the day you received the item. Hence it is advisable that when you place your order, it is meant for the day in order to enjoy the optimum view of the glass floral art. What happens if I keep it the next day? The tart can be kept for 3 days. However, the glass art may start to shrink slightly from the second day onwards which will affect its aesthetic. We advise to select the correct date to enjoy the best view :) 2. If you are opting for delivery, please make sure someone is home to receive it. We don't suggest placing your tart out in the sun or any humid area which will damage the edible artwork. 3. Once you have received it, store it in the fridge until you want to consume it. The tart can be left out in cool or air conditioned area for up to 1-3 hours. As all the artwork for our glass floral tart has to be done within the day, our tarts are limited.  All GLASS FLORAL TARTS are packed in our new LIVE LOVE BOX design.  This special decorative edition is only for DECEMBER period. We will update weekly for weekly preorder.    ***LAST DATE TO ORDER: 16th 22nd DECEMBER (Wednesday) OR TILL SOLD OUT. LIMITED QTY AVAILABLE.***   Collection & Delivery time: THURS 23rd DEC: 2 to 6pm, FRIDAY , 24th DEC : 2 to 6pm. For delivery, it will be at $18 per location


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