Enamel products are primarily done by hand and therefore may have some minor common defects. 
This painted Tingkat is suggested to be used as a decorative item, and not for day to day usage to protect the painting on the  surface of the product.
Each set of tingkat comes with 24 pcs of pineapple tarts. Only 2 flavours are available for you to choose from:
1. Elderflower Pineapple
2. Cheese & Pistachio Pineapple*
3. Mix (12 each flavour)
For hygiene reasons, all pineapple tarts will be sealed in a packagining before placing inside the tingkat.
Cheese & Pistachio pineapple tart is a product collaboration with Nordic Nature Singapore, that imports products from Finland and Estonia. We are using a 12-month old gouda cheese from Estonia (Andre Prima Old).
Prima Old is a buttery and chunky cheese with "crystal cheese bits" that form naturally through a period of maturation. Like all our well-aged cheese, the creamy texture of our milk is clear and pronounce in every bite. Excellent by itself or grated generously into your favourite toast. 
More products from Nordic Nature, kindly visit https://www.nordicnature.org.
Cleaning instructions:
Avoid scrubbing on the painted area. Gentle rinse with water and let dry will do.
To clean the internal area of the tingkat, use soap and soft sponge. No harsh cleaning product is recommended. 
*All tingkats are hand-painted, with a limited quantity.

Hand-Painted Enamel Tingkat + 24 pineapple tarts