Introduction to Edible Painting

7th December 2019 (Sat)

10am to 12:30pm

Always wanting to find ways to paint on food?

Join us in this introductory hands-on course, where you will get to discover how you can actually paint on macarons (and even iced cookies)! We will be sharing the types of edible paint we used and the right way to use it, as well as the art of colour blending!


Where is the fun part?


We will  be teaching you how you can paint foliages of different shapes and sizes so you can create a botanic of delicacies. From paper to food, you will be guided step by step to paint on a smaller surface. Practice templates will be provided for effective learning. 

Ready to up the challenge? As we progress further, you will learn how to paint basic roses and create your own template by matching them (roses) with a variety of foliage designs!


"But I can't paint:(!"

As this is an introductory class, you will be guided closely with guide sheets provided to help ease the process. Do not fret if you have never painted before! There is always a first to everything when it comes to learning. Our instructor will be walking you through step by step. Come by with a free mind, and let's learn and create together!


*Minimum 4 sign-ups for course to begin.

Introduction to Edible Painting (7th December 2019, Sat, 10 am to 12:30pm)






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