Entice your senses with a box of 4 POP T-ART on 20/11. The creation is inspired by the fluidity of colors and embracement of self-expression. Art and oddity sets the theme of our first POP T-ART box, that hints our next upcoming project which we hope to share with you soon. 


Each box comes with a set of 4 different tart flavours:

1. Hazelnut Caramel Glassfloral

2. Passionfruit & Chocolate Glassfloral

3. Original Cheesecake brulee

4. Lemon & Japanese Yuzu 


Each tart measures 7.5cm in diameter. 


This special box is only limited to *7 boxes, and made available on the 20/11 (thursday), between 2 to 5:30pm. Both self collection and delivery are available. 


*Comes with 4 satchets of Garden Of Eden Tea pairing.