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A B O U T   U S


Ernest and Sam came up with the name way before they have started their physical store inside Ngee Ann Polytechnic. They had no idea what is the meaning behind the word was initially. The name "COUPLETS" popped up for the simplest of reason-because it sounded good, They started googling for the meaning, and without procrastination, the name was treasured well for the right time to be used. 




plural noun: couplets

  1. a pair of successive lines of verse, typically rhyming and of the same length.

COUPLET is used in Chinese tradition as a pair of complimentary lines that is written on a red paper to be pasted on each side of the door as a form of blessing to the family. And so as the meaning reflects, Ernest and Sam have very different personalities, one is analytical and loves symmetry, and the other, free-spirited and crafty.  Their differences compliments them in how they work, create and grow as business partners over the years. 

The spelling was later changed to CUPPLETS for a little quirkiness and at the same time to represent their interest in coffee and cupcakes. 

Image By Nicole Kaili @coleroro


The brand design has changed and evolved over 3 and a half years to its current design of a half hand-painted wreath surrounding around an insignia of 2 Cs facing each other in between 2 lines.

The 2 Cs represents Coffee and Cupcakes. The Cs are placed facing each other in a deliberate arrangement to form the letter E and S (the initials of the founders) separately. The 2 lines are placed slanted and parallel to reflect the meaning of couplet and endless boundaries.


The design of the new logo interprets the stages of what the team has went through from just dealing with cakes and coffee to entering into the creative line of customized cake & dessert creations.


As of today, Cupplets has a team of 5 all-rounder members, each with their own strengths in contributing to the works of CUPPLETS today.


"There is more to cakes than just cakes alone. Our creativity is boundless, and we believe in constantly trying out new ideas. We learn to take time with each design we create. Be it small or big, it doesn't matter, it is still going to be important to someone. "

- Ernest

"We hope to continue to bring a new color palette everytime. That's the beauty of art. Its is unexpected and filled with surprises, and that is probably the one big reason why we love doing what we love. "


Image By Nicole Kaili @coleroro

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