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1. How are your prices like for your 2-tiered cake?
For our 2-tier round cakes, we have in 5 sizes:
a. 4" by 6" feeds 18 pax
b. 5" by 7" - feeds 35 pax
c. 6 " by 8" - feeds 50- 55 pax
d. 7" by 9"  feeds 65-70 pax
e. 8" by 10" -feeds 80-85 pax
2. Do you do other shapes for your tiered cakes?
So far, we have only done square, rectangular and round shapes. For other shapes or dimensions, its best to email us to inquire with a picture reference and we'll see if its feasible on our side. 
3. Do you do 3-tier cakes? If so, how much?
Yes. For our 3-tier cakes we have them in 5 sizes:
a) 4", 6" by 8"  feeds ~65-80 pax
b) 5", 7" by 9" feeds ~100-120 pax
c) 6" 8" by 10" feeds ~125-150 pax
* If you have other requests on the sizing & arrangements (that is not shown here), feel free to drop us an email to enquire.
4. Can I choose different flavours for each tier? If so, is there an additional charge?
Yes, you may do so. It is complimentary for our 2-tier. For 3-tier, an additional $25 will be included. 
5. How many days in advance must I place my orders?
Minimum 2-3 weeks. *For 3-tiers, preferably 1-2 months in advance. If you are unsure of what design to go on your cake, it is best to contact us earlier so we can have more time to come up with a design. 
6. Do you do fondant cakes?
7. Must the cake be refrigerated?
If you are celebrating in like... 5-10 hrs time, best to keep the cake inside the fridge. Take it out an hour or 2 before the cake cutting starts. If your location is air conditioned, it is fine to leave the cake out for a few hours or more. 
8. Can we arrange a meet up to talk about my cake?
Sure, we are open to no-obligation meeting. Just hit us an email to arrange a day. 
9. Why does your naked cake vary in price?
Every cake is different. We use different flowers, different ingredients, different design techniques to create each cake design, hence  that explains the pricing. In addition, we have to include the hours input in preparing and building your cake. 
10. What is the biggest tiered-cake you have done?
So far, the biggest, a 5-tier
11. Do you offer dummy cakes?
Yes we do. We also do *half and half. Dummy cake is made of styrofoam. They are normally priced lower than an actual one. 
* Half actual, half dummy
12. If I am interested to get 4-5 tier cake for my wedding, how early must I place my order?
The bigger the cake, the more time is required. We need to consider the time for designing and constructing the cake. To be safe, at least 2 months in advance to place your order. Any earlier, would be great! And of cos, we prefer to meet up with you for coffee to discuss about your cake. We don't advise just conversing through email. 
*13. Do you do rainbow cakes?
Nope, we have stopped taking orders for rainbow cakes.
*14. Does your cake sponges contains dye?
Besides red velvet, the rest of our cake sponges does not contain any food coloring. 
*15. What if my event got cancelled, can I cancel my order?
If in the event your event got cancelled or postponed, we are able to refund you in credit terms or hold your order for the new date.
*Our refund request will be reviewed on a case by case basis. 

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