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Knowing your serving portion is essential in determining the size of your cake and how many tiers your require. 

1. Dessert Size

If you are serving your wedding cake as part of the meal course, you need to be precise in your portioning. Presenting a good and equal portion is important. 


2. Coffee Size

If you are not particular in your serving because its part of the dessert table/ palette, then you can be more flexible in your portioning. Your cake does not need to feed all of your guests. Planning for 60% of your guests is recommendable or if you got a figure in your head, that is even better. 


For sizing guide & portioning, click here.

Cake Sizes available: 4", 5", 6", 7", 8", 9", 10", 12", 14"



Dummy cakes are made from styrofoam. They are a great idea if you wish to have your cake to look more outstanding, big and tall when you don't have a big crowd to feed. They are often used in the bottom tiers of your wedding cake to create more height. 


They are definitely a cheaper alternative as compared to a whole real cake. Although they are dummies, time and effort in designing and putting everything together needs to be factor into our costing. 




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