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The Cake Boutique is a  luxe extension of Cupplets, focusing in bringing you some chic and style into your wedding cake and sweet treats.  We'll work the corners to embellish that important day of yours from dressing your cake to tailoring your tastebuds. We still believe in working with the heart and create with the flow. We steer away from being nitty-gritty so we can give nature & creativity a little breather to bring out the best we can be to you.


For this we promise you, we will do anything to not lick any buttercream off your cake:) We are well persevered. Chat with you soon!


If you are interested to hook us up, hit us an email to arrange a date or say hello. 

To avoid dissapointment, contact us at least 3 months in advance to your important day.  


Bring your table alive with the beauty of nature. There are so many directions you and I can take to bring a whole new experience with your desserts! We believe in going one-of-a-kind. We take that extra mile and a leap of faith to curate a bespoke piece not just with a flower vase, but on that wooden plank you got there! 

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