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All private workshops will be taught by our principal cake designer.



In this private course, we have categorised the session - Level 1 (intermediate level) or Level 2 (advanced level). 

For Level 1 Buttercream Floral Piping Course, you will be learning the following flower types:

1. Apple blossoms

2. Simple Rose

3. Garden Rose (Full Bloom/ Blooming/ Close Bloom) **

4. Scabiosa

5. Cotton 


** The range of garden roses learn during the course depends on the learning pace of the individual. The technique for this specific  floral type is considered complex for individuals with no piping experience. 


*For individuals with little to no experience with buttercream piping, we would encourage you to attend the basic course. 



For Level 2 Buttercream Floral Piping Course, you will be learning the following flower types:

1. Peony (open and close)

2. Garden Rose ( Full Bloom/ Blooming/ Close Bloom)

3. 5 star Garden Rose

4. 4 Petal Open Rose

5. Cotton

6.Anemone *optional

7.Hydrangea *optional


* For Level 2,  it is suitable for individuals who acquires the fundamentals of floral piping. We recognize that every individual learns at a different pace, and hence the  session will be carefully curated and planned to ensure an effective learning environment. 


What you will be learning:

1. Floral Piping

2. Color Blending

3. Buttercream floral arrangement

4. Stem and Ribbon Piping 


At the end of the course, you will be bringing back a 6" floral garland cake made out of real cake layers. Kindly select the flavour in the option. Buttercream recipe will be provided.


Single Tier Floral Garland- One Day Course

Duration: 6 hours  including 1 meal + teabreak



If you wish to advance to the next level, and would like to challenge yourself to create a 2 tier cake, you can select the 2-tier cake option.For this, it will be a 2 days course - Day One : 6.5 hours (including meal + teabreak) + Day Two: 4-4.5 hours (including 1 meal)


For further enquiries, kindly email us at with subject "Private Workshop Enquiry". 


Learning Level:

Basic Level: Ability to crumb coat and cover cake rustically. Acquire simple decorating skills.

Intermediate Level: Ability to cover cake perfectly and acquire floral piping skills (e.g rose piping)

Advance Level: Ability to design and create cake without assistance.


* To ensure more time for learning of techniques, all cakes will be layered beforehand. 


  • To book a slot, 50% down payment will be required for confirmation. The remainder 50% will have to be done 2 weeks before the workshop commence.


    For cancellation policy, 30% of the workshop fee will be forfeited. The remainder amount will be refunded as accordingly. For further query, kindly email to


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