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If you are in a middle of running a cake business and you wish to take a step further to elevate your brand experience with carving out your own range of cake designs, but not sure how to go about it, we've created a platform to guide you on the process.


The Questions You May Have:

1. How do I start designing a cake?

2. I am particularly stuck at executing/translating my ideas onto cakes?

3. I gathered all these inspiration, but it is very tough to organize them and create one design. How do you do that?

4. How do you create your style of cakes that is recognizable?

5. I've actually designed a few designs, but they don't seem to be moving very well? How do you know if your design works?


You may have other questions relating to cake designing and that's great! Your questions can even range from trouble shooting issues or cake construction queries (particularly buttercream as it is our area of specialty) or even a creative block! Even if you are planning to start heading into the direction of customizing cakes but have not yet started a business, you can also reach out with your queries to help you get started with designing cakes for potential clients. It is good to generate more questions but please note this is a coaching session relating to cake designing. 


Who is your coach?

Samantha is the principal cake designer of Cupplets. Together with the team, Cupplets  has curated over 4000 customized edible creations. She is also an Art Therapist having compled her Masters in Art Therapy with LASALLE College of the Arts. 



This slot opens to international clients. However, due to the current pandemic situation,  ONLY virtual coaching via Skype or Zoom will be made available.



For local clients, you can have the option to choose virtual coaching or face to face coaching session. For meet-up sessions, it will be held at our creative studio.


Each time block is a 1.5 hour or 2 hour session. 


An email will be arranged with you for date and time availability. 










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