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Grab me a tissue, we need to wipe our tears! We love this so much!


A good earl grey infused Basque Burnt Cheesecake relies greatly on the tea leaves. It has been quite a wait to have this special earl grey loose tea from Quinteassential to shipped over from the UK. All we can say, it is definitely worth the wait.


The flavour needs no guessing when you take your first bite. The uniqueness of the earl grey lies in its oolong leaves that is delicately scented with natural Italian bergamot. Its aromatic citrus notes compliments perfectly with the cream cheese, giving the flavour a more robust and aromatic touch.



To pair with our Empress Earl Grey Basque Burnt Cheesecake, we've prepared a stash of chocolate popcorn. Its too hard to resist.


And as the name suggest, Empress Earl Grey... this one is dedicated to the queens! Happy international women's day!


S$72.00 Regular Price
S$61.20Sale Price


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