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CUPPLETS will be running a  GIFTBACK this coming Friday and Saturday , 27th & 28th August in support of Mamre Oaks's  fundraising campaign Let's M.O.V.E.


All proceeds from the sale of our GIFTBACK boxes will go to donating to the campaign to support the operations of Mamre Oaks. 


What is Mamre Oaks?

Mamre Oaks was founded in 2015, and we are a non-profit organization and a member organization of Caritas Singapore. We are a day centre located within the vicinity of St Patrick's school, catering for adults for intellectual disabilities from aged 16 onwards. 


Read their website here


This year, it will be their first time running their fundraising campaign virtually. With our collective efforts, we hope to draw more awareness about the needs of these adults as well as their caregivers. It is also important that during such challenging times, we continue to encourage this vulnerable population to MOVE as staying active is essential for their mental and physical well being. 


Read more about their campaign here.


Do you know?

An approximate of at least 1% of the adult population has intellectual disability (ID), and this makes up at least 33,000 adults with ID in Singapore.


This year, Mamre Oaks hopes to raise $150K through their fundraising campaign, Let's Move campaign which we will be running from July to December period. All funds received will be directed to support the operations of Mamre Oaks to care for adults with intellectual disabilities.


You can donate directly via here.



What does this box consist:

1. 8 pcs of assorted macarons

2. Lemon Bundt Cake or mini lemon tart

3. 2 x mini speculoos cookie

4. 1 x Salted Caramel tart

5. 1 x mini Wild honey bottle 

6. 1 x large elderflower cookie

7. 1 x large chocolate chip cookie

8. 4 x chocolate bon bon

GIFTBACK DESSERT BOX 27th & 28th August



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